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Wooden packing

Category:Company NewsPostdate:2018-06-08

Wooden box packaging is to use wooden packaging containers to protect the items to be protected, wooden box packaging was originally a packaging product to facilitate the transport and storage, for some of the easily damaged items in the transport and storage with a wooden packaging container for reinforcement, Play a protective role.

Wooden box packaging application

Electronic products, power industry, automotive manufacturing, communications equipment, glass products, furniture, home appliances, handicrafts, fragile items, antiques, transportation, storage, and various machinery and equipment.

Wooden packing type

Solid wooden box packaging, export wooden box packaging, vacuum wooden box packaging, environmental protection wooden box packaging, steel belt wooden box packaging, fumigation wooden box packaging, wooden lattice box packaging, shockproof wooden box packaging, military wooden box packaging, decompressed wood Box packaging, heat-treated wooden box packaging, free inspection wooden box packaging, etc.

Wooden box packaging development trend

After the modern wooden box packaging entered the 21st century, the use of packaging has undergone great changes. The original packaging was traditionally designed to facilitate transportation and basic protection of goods, but the practical role of wooden box packaging after the 21st century has changed. Great changes have taken place. The basic principle of modern wooden box packaging is to continuously improve the performance of packaging and the added value of packaging. Particular attention should be paid to the role of wooden box packaging, not only to transport and protect cargo security, but also To achieve aesthetics, convenience, and practicality, to enhance the potential value of products, wooden box packaging is a product that consumes natural resources. The requirements of wooden box packaging started in 2010 by Meitemuxiang Chain are green, energy-saving and resource-saving. Green Earth and work hard.

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